Lingjoin software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. LING-JOIN, founded in 2009, focusing on big data searching and mining innovation and service, providing big data searching, big data mining and data solutions. It is a professional enterprise which engaged in big data searching basic software and data mining analysis system design, development and sales in order to deal with big data management, processing, and analysis, and obtain knowledge and wisdom from big data, which transfer users’ data dilemma into a treasure.

    Lingjoin software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has financial business department, technology department, R & D department, sales department, marketing department, administration department. The R & D department consists of 7 Dr., 4 overseas returnees, 3 well-known scientists; technical department has dozens of engineering experts, so as to ensure the Lingjoin software has strong abilities for software design and development, which meet the demand for big data processing of uers. Lingjoin software data searching and data mining technology has been applied in more than thirty thousand institutions all around the world, including the national unit of the National Bureau of statistics, China Securities Regulatory Commission of China Post Group, National Meteorological Bureau, the state information office, the Supreme People's court, the people's Bank of China, CITIC Trust, child care, and other financial institutions, the Chinese Listed Companies Association, China International Contractors Association, the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau, liberation army unit, the people's daily and other undertakings and organs, and HNA Group, Huawei, State Grid, Shanghai Telecom, China network, Fuji financing efuture, four-dimensional new graph, diyuanxin etc.. Lingjoin has become a leading enterprise in this field.。 

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Ling-join mission:

Natural language understandings, text mining intrinsic value, transfer the big data dilemma into the great wealth of data.

Ling-join values:

From zero to nine from scratch to outstanding, zero defects so permanent